Lash Care and Application

How to apply:

Measure and trim your rosé mink lashes

After your eye shadow is set, apply eyeliner and a thin coat of mascara on your top lashes. Carefully remove your mink lashes from the box by the lash band. Be careful not to tug on the mink hairs and lash band only. Measure the lash and trim according to the length of your lash line. Trim the excess off of the outer corners.

Apply lash glue

Holding your mink lashes by the lash band, carefully apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band and let dry for roughly 20 seconds before applying on the eye.

Apply lash

You could do this either with tweezers or your hands.

Apply your lash as closely to your lash line as possible. Apply light pressure on the ends to let it sit. Avoid moving the lash and let it dry.

Indulge in luxury!

After the glue dries you can go over your lash line again with eyeliner and fix any blemishes. And then you're ready to shine with Rosé!