Glue Removal

First Step is to dab some oil free makeup remover with a cotton swab and wipe along the lash line.  Wait a couple seconds for the glue to dissolve.  

Removing the lash

Gently push the lash band down, avoid pulling on the lash or the band.  The lash should easily slide off and if there is resistancerepeat step one.  

Cleaning the lash band

Avoid pulling the glue off the lash.  Use the cotton swab with oil free makeup remover to clean off any remains.  This helps keep your lashes long lasting, allowing you to reuse them up to at least 20 times.  


All Rośe Lashes come with our custom boxes!  We have designed the box small enough to fit into your makeup bag, so keep your lashes stored properly!  Keep them glamours by keeping them dust-free and dirt-free!